Our Club

Our Key Club was created on 5/17/1999.

Our Kiwanis Club is the Kiwanis Club of South Orlando

Zone D / Division 10B

Kelly Morales, Mrs. Morales

Math Teacher at Boone HS for 20 years. Has been Key Club advisor for 8 years.

Our Advisor

Kiwanis Advisor

Lieutenant Governor 

District Governor

Cindy Gill

Olivia Packham

Joey Chen

As a Lieutenant Governor, I plan on providing a greater number of division-wide service projects that can be done remotely in order to encourage clubs to complete service as well as bounce ideas off of and interact with each other. I also plan to grow the membership of my clubs by providing recruitment and activity ideas to draw new members and keep the past members engaged. I am a part of the International Relations and Partners Committee at the District level and plan to have Division 10B raise more money than any other division in Zone D through exciting fundraising ideas. Finally, I plan on informing members early of our Zone-wide and District-wide events such as Spring Zone Rally and DCON as soon as possible in order to achieve a higher turn out and have more members be able to enjoy these unique experiences. Hope you find this useful.

Is the Treasurer of the Kiwanis Club of South Orlando and has been Boone's Advisor for 4 years. 

As District Governor, my primary focuses are supporting Key Clubs during COVID-19, providing ample resources to Lieutenant Governors (so they can perform their jobs effectively and, overall, benefit the entire district), and improve our outreach online (streamlined communication on social media, consistent theme, reviving our YouTube channel, and more). I also plan on successfully carrying out my Governor's Project for the 2020-2021 term: Keys For Kids.

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